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Each section comes with a pdf version of the resource guide and tutorial videos. It is recommended to work with a Certified Teacher/Mentor to be tested on the information and to get all burning questions answered. Internship is required for certification in most areas of study. Each section has a different number of intern sessions necessary for final acknowledgment of completion of the training. Most subjects require 2-5 sessions to bring the teachings forward in an observable display of your gifts.

1.0 Intuitive Communication

1.1 Angel Whispers

This could be one of the most comprehensive sections of the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts. This intuitive communication module helps establish the foundation for intuitive communication and energy healing. Learning how to communicate with beings from the angelic realm is the safest way to open to your gifts. Understanding the Clair senses, the roles of angles, the tools for connecting, the signs of a connection, and when ego has entered the equation, will help you become a clear channel, an Oracle Card reader, or someone with a personal connection to the loving light known as angels.

Self Investment $79*

1.2 Archangels and Ascended Masters

Once you have learned how to connect with angels, it’s time to study the archetypes of the non-physical realms. The specific duties of a master that has become your spiritual partner in life and the process of growth, will connect you to one of the most valuable resources at your disposal. Targeted request to a master that can influence the outcome of your circumstances, is the definition of manifestation. Connections with the Archangels and Ascended Masters can boost positive energy to make learning enjoyable. Mental body exercises complete this module with fun ways to grow your intuitive senses.

Self Investment $79*

1.3 Introduction to Chakras

Now that you have partners in the spiritual realms, you can study the energy centers of the human body known as chakras. The quick guide to the chakras will be at your fingertips, as you learn about negative cords of attachment with ways to clear, charge and balance the energy within. This module will help lead the way to wellness in all your relationships, especially the one with yourself. Understanding chakras will become part of the foundation for your energy healing practice.

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2.0 Advanced Intuition

2.1 Animal Spirits

The latest addition to the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts provides one of the safest and most enjoyable intuitive activities. Learn how to connect with your totem and how to give a one-hour animal spirit reading. The native American Zodiac will help unveil your spiritual place in the soul tribe, while you learn about your focused aim and the traps you should strive to avoid. The animal spirits are waiting to connect with you, as you grow your intuitive skills using this teaching module!

Self Investment $79*

2.2 Mediumship

The secrets of a medium are delivered in this curriculum developed by a world class psychic with over twenty-five years of experience. Learn how to conduct a professional medium reading as we remove the guesswork from a sometimes mysterious process. With this module, you will be communicating with deceased loved ones before you finish the first read!

Self Investment $149*

2.3 The Intuitive Business Model

With any successful business, you need a strong foundation on which to build your practice. Many artists don’t like the idea of dealing with the business end of expressing themselves. But with clear action steps and an understanding for the need to focus on business, the process of developing a practice can be fun! Bringing clarity to the role of each member of the team that participates in helping build your business, guarantees your success.

Self Investment $79*

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3.0 Energy Intuitive

3.1 Crystal Therapy

Delivered from the arms of a scientific genius, little doubt can be left to the imagination when it comes to crystal therapy. The thorough understanding of the use of fine-cut crystals to connect with human energy, creates a gift energy healer. With conscious awareness and knowledge of how crystal move energy in the human body, comes the trust needed to perform a sometimes intense process of facilitating healing. The step-by-step instructions will have you performing an effective crystal release in a matter of minutes!

Self Investment $149*

3.2 Sound Vibration Therapy

The history of sound and the modern use of a process of healing through entrainment is delivered in this module of the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts. Discover the science of sound and how all living beings are affected by vibrations. This section demonstrates how to play a frosted crystal bowl or an alchemy singing bowl, with simple instructions and a visual tutorial from a master sound healer. This section completes with a scientific explanation of how binaural beats can alter the neural pathways in the brain to facilitate a natural shift toward wellness.

Self Investment $119*

3.3 Spirit Release Therapy

The more you learn about this subject, the more you will understand what could be one of the most natural holistic healing processes in the world. Explained from the viewpoint of a clinical psychologist who was the premier authority on the subject of spirit releasement, any fear quickly gives way to the healing nature of this process! An easy to follow step-by-step process provide the critical information needed to help release discarnate spirts from their host.

Self Investment $199*

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4.0 Advance Energy Intuitive

4.1 Multidimensional Bodies

Learn about the many dimensions of energy that surround the human body to create the aura, bioenergetic field, and the chakras outside the body. Exercises help you develop the ability to see auric fields with a resource guide that will become a handy reference to healing the wounds from the past. Imbalances in the energy field create blemishes that can be seen, assessed, and balanced as you move into the advanced healing field of energy medicine.

Self Investment $169*

4.2 Energy Assessment

The ability to conduct an accurate energy assessment, is a skill that is gaining the attention of a global audience. What could soon be an integral part of a process that is complimentary to modern medicine, the medical intuitive will be able to pinpoint issues that may not be detectable with standardized testing. Learn how energy assessments can help with any type of intuitive reading or healing effort, taking you into the field of advanced energy intuitive practices.

Self Investment $169*

4.3 Crystal Bed Therapy

Whether working to be a crystal bed operator or an energy healer doesn’t matter. This module will bring the first four levels of the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts full circle, with step-by-step instructions, case studies, and exercises that will usher in excitement to the entire process. Directions on the operation of the crystal light table give an overview of an energy healing session using sound, crystals, light, magnets or your chosen modality. 

Self Investment $169*

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5.0 Master Energy Intuitive

5.1 Soul Retrieval

From ancient shamanistic healing to modern applications developed by a clinical psychologist, the process of facilitating a soul retrieval can be life changing. As you engage with these teachings to understand the various categories of soul fragmentation, you will learn the process of holistic healing from a master. Not to be taken lightly, working with the energy of the soul takes a high level of attention to details. Careful discernment can only be achieved by those with the skills and knowledge that comes with learning about this dynamic subject.

Self Investment $199*

5.2 Past-Life Therapy

Straight from the whispers of spirit, this module was created from traveling into the soul classrooms to access the Akashic Records. You will find information that is not taught in other programs, unless they were listening to the same whispers. This section helps see the past life as a partial system of the entire panorama of human energy, in order to accurately assess an imbalance. Believing in past lives is not a requirement to receiving the healing energy that comes from the exploration of the journey of the soul.

Self Investment $199*

5.3 Polarity Therapy

This relatively new study of polarity explores the flow of human body energy. That flow can be interrupted to begin a reversed movement throughout the entire system or within a single organ. The result can be a block that prevents healing, creates an auto-immune issue, or leads to imbalances diagnosed as ADD, ADHD, BiPolar Disorder or some type of psychological break. This is according to the experts in the polarity field of study. Often misdiagnosed by an intuitive who sees the chaotic flow of energy as an entity, many people are sent on an endless search for the answer to symptoms of anxiety, weight gain, depression, fatigue, thoughts of suicide, mental fog, and many more. This module helps remove the guesswork with understanding on how to accurately assess this electrical system condition related to stress.

Self Investment $149*

The total when purchased separately is $547. Buy the entire level for $444*

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6.0 Advanced Master

6.1 Karmic Energy

One of the most misunderstood of all Universal Laws, karmic energy is something that generally expands from karmic seeds held in the astral body. Most cannot avoid the inevitable karmic event, that can lead to negative patterns experienced within and often expressed from the outside world. The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts has developed a protocol for balancing the energy of karmic with dramatically positive results. This module will help you balance your karma, so that that you can help others awaken to love! 

Self Investment $249*

6.2 Awakening Energy

The endocrine gland system is perhaps more connected to the awakening energy than some might think. With a simple realm test developed especially for the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts, you can learn about your pre-life agreements, information held in your soul template, and the planetary influences that affect your personality, behavior, desires, and energetic drivers for this lifetime. The symptoms that occur during an awakening may surprise you, but you will come away with a deeper understanding of the process of awakening. 

Self Investment $249*

6.3 Dark Force Energy

As an energy seen by many intuitive readers as demonic in nature, who wouldn’t react to an entity moving with intelligence wearing a Halloween costume? When you can accurately assess the true nature of such an energy, all fear is replaced by the confidence that comes with knowledge. Thought forms create energy and when evoked from a person’s shadow side, the consequences can be devastating. This section will help the advanced healer understand an energy that most will encounter, while giving the tools to create a healing protocol, enforce healthy boundaries, and develop sound business policy around dark force energies. 

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7.0 Grand Master

7.1 Spiritual Disharmony

This module offers a resource that can be used daily with intuitive readings and energy healing. With an affirmation used to address most disharmonies, the client can be given a home protocol that leads to resolution of any imbalance that holds metaphysical underpinnings. An understanding of human adaptability, helps the energy healer determine when the choice to live with an imbalance over time has served to disguise the root cause of a disharmony.

Self Investment $149*

7.2 Integrative Medicine

The mind/body connection to disharmony is well established within the integrative medical community. This section helps further the knowledge around that connection with information from Edgar Cayce on the many energetic aspects of cancer. We go deeper into the endocrine glands by exploring the spiritual nature of each of these energy centers, critical to maintaining good health through balanced body chemistry. Learn how to assess the energy of the endocrine glands in order to target any imbalances.

Self Investment $199*

7.3 Life-Force Energy

This module looks at the many aspects of life-force energy, from the way it is distributed to the assessing the levels being held. Without even distribution of life-force energy, the body loses it’s ability to maintain wellness. In this section, organ energy channel clogs are explored with symptoms ranging from overcharged or undercharged, to the energy blocks that might not allow for the even flow of life-force energy. Take your energy assessments to a Grand Master level of healing with complete understanding of life-force energy. Examples of life-force energy readings as it relates to common issues, will serve to increase the skills and the knowledge of the master healer.

Self Investment $249*

The total when purchased separately is $597. Buy the entire level for $499*

The total when all sections are purchased separately is $3509*

The total when all levels are purchased separately is $2787*

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