Becoming an Certified IEL Teacher/Mentor

 IEL Institute Teacher/Mentor Agreement

All agreements are to be executed upon completion of the IEL Teacher Training Program. It is our pleasure to confirm the terms under which the IEL Institute is extending teaching agreements in our Teacher/Mentor Program. You may individually teach or mentor individual clients with terms and conditions in place.

Our joint vision is that you will actively teach, or mentor your clients, individually or teach in a small workshop group basis, to use and apply the IEL Institute techniques and technology in a teaching or mentoring style. At the successful completion of the IEL Institute Certified Teaching/Mentor training, you will able to represent yourself as a IEL Institute Teacher, IEL Institute Certified Mentor (those who have been trained for the first four levels), or IEL Institute Master Teacher (those trained in all seven levels), and use names, materials, and copyrighted material offered by IEL Institute.

These agreements are limited to the use of IEL Institute intellectual property (copyrights, content, techniques, trademarks, etc.) for the teaching and mentoring of individuals or small groups of specified numbers of people. Group mentoring in this context does not allow for the use of IEL Institute content on slides, webinars, or social media. The mentoring must be delivered live and in real time unless otherwise agreed upon. This agreement does not grant permission to present, teach, or use IEL Institute intellectual property in whole, or in part, in lectures, seminars, or workshops without written permission from IEL Institute.

You will receive copyrighted materials from IEL Institute. Once you successfully complete the training, you may use these copyrighted materials with your clients, except those materials marked confidential or proprietary by IEL Institute which are for your personal use only, unless written permission to copy or reproduce them is obtained from IEL Institute.

In order to assure intellectual property rights protection, the appropriate use of the IEL Institute’s copyrighted material, techniques, logo, designations, and the integrity of information in our public exposure, you agree to distribute only the material approved for such use and supplied to you by the IEL Institute.

You agree that you will not use the IEL Institute trademarks and copyrighted information in handouts, slides, books, articles, websites, media outlets, etc., unless you first obtain written permission from the IEL Institute. As part of training, you will receive detailed information and instructions about the proper use of the IEL Institute trademarks and copyrighted material. If, at any time, you are not clear on the proper use, please contact the IEL Institute administrator for assistance.

Modifications of the IEL Institute techniques and intellectual property are considered derivative works and are the property of IEL Institute. Modifications may be made only with specific permission from the IEL Institute. Modifications include translations, editorial revisions, interpretive matter, annotations, elaborations, or other adaptations or forms of presentation that are based on the original IEL Institute work.

This agreement does not grant permission to extend to others authority to use the IEL Institute materials or information as stated as in this license. If you have members of your staff who deliver your services to your clients, they need to take the training and agree to these terms in order to use these materials.

There is no obligation for the payment of royalties on income from your use of IEL Institute intellectual property. In lieu of a royalty payment, you agree to exchange an agreed amount in order to teach the IEL Institute Program based on the number of participants at each event where you are teaching the IEL Institute curriculum and/or receiving advertising and support for the event. You may purchase most IEL Institute products at a discount depending on the product. One guidebook or product per client, needs be purchased regardless of the number of times you engage in IEL Institute instruction with that individual. IEL Institute must approve all exceptions.

Information flow and staying current are important to your status as a Licensed IEL Institute Teacher/Mentor. You agree to register and regularly review the IEL Institute Teacher/Mentor Program, to respond to requests for information within two weeks of that request and to keep accounts paid in full within thirty days of invoice.

We mutually agree that you are not an employee of, nor do you represent any of the Forsyth Inc. or IEL Institute companies. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for all costs associated with the use of IEL Institute information, including federal and state taxes and all costs associated with your business, or for its success and decisions totally independent of IEL Institute. The IEL Institute does not make any warranties or representations as to your success as an IEL Institute Teacher/Mentor or the role of IEL Institute in that success. If you have employees, you agree that they will follow the terms of this agreement.

Because IEL Institute research and techniques relate to mental, energetic, and emotional health and wellness, you agree to act in accord with the following IEL Institute policy and not make any claims contrary to this policy:

IEL Institute has developed programs for self-improvement in mental, energetic, and emotional balance. IEL Institute technology, media, and materials are not intended to replace treatments for medical or psychological conditions by licensed physicians, psychologists, or other health care professionals.

Teaching/Mentoring agreements are valid for one year and will be renewed automatically unless either you or IEL Institute give thirty days’ notice of non‐renewal and provided the following:

1.) All fees owed to IEL Institute are current and

2.) You are actively teaching the IEL Institute to your clients. After the first year, an annual fee is charged for continued access to the Teacher/Mentor Resources Center and listing on the Teacher/Mentor Directory at or the Failure to fulfill any provision of this agreement results in termination within thirty days notice of the deficiency unless it has been remedied. In this agreement, when permission or authorization is required, permission must be provided in written form or electronic agreements.

In order to do this effectively you agree to sincerely practice the IEL Institute techniques and act in a manner which positively reflects on the IEL Institute name and reputation. If any conflicts arise we agree to: 1)Directly negotiate with each other; 2) Choose an independent third party mediator; and 3) If we still cannot reach agreement, to use binding arbitration instead of going to court. If we were not able to work out our problems in those ways, immediate irreparable injury could be caused for which injunctive relief is an appropriate remedy in addition to others. If you have a dispute with a client or other third party relating to the IEL Institute Program, notify us so we can be present at a meeting of the parties to assist in resolution.

We both agree not to assign this agreement to anyone else and not to modify it except in writing. We cannot bind each other or act as each other’s agent. IEL Institute is not liable for your actions, and you are not liable for IEL Institute actions. We will both keep adequate liability insurance.

This agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the state of Texas. In the event that any actions are necessary to resolve the terms of this Agreement, the venue for any action concerning this agreement shall be held in Austin, Texas. The terms of this agreement are effective as of the date of registration into the program.

Successful completion of the Certified IEL Institute Teacher/Mentor Training and all agreements are dependent upon the following criteria:

1) Attendance in all applicable live classes (determined by the administrator).

2) Completion of home study portions of the IEL Institute Program.

3) Completion of the IEL Institute Teacher/Mentor/Internship.

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