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Russell and Beckie Forsyth and the entire IEL community are excited to welcome you to our free membership platform. We have developed one the most comprehensive online intuitive training programs designed for those interested in metaphysical training and the healing arts. Our online courses (see them here) help improve the skills of the medical intuitive, energy healer, intuitive reader, shaman, sensitive individual, and those seeking to explore their gifts. 

The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts offers a free membership with the following benefits:

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2020 Testimonial

“I’ve been most impressed with the organization and dissemination of the IEL educational program…the videos and written materials. The effort to combine so many sources into modules is much appreciated. When I think of my decades of study, starting with books, classes, workshops, physic and healing sessions, the study with Eon, geomancy, Ayurvedic medicine school my own metaphysical journeys and wanderings, I truly grasp your dedication to the work, and deeply understand the value of this curriculum.” Candyce L Rusk


Note: Candyce made record progress with 6 internship certifications in six weeks while growing her practice and adding a crystal bed.

Developed over a decade of private practice case studies, teaching live workshops, and the development of exercises designed to grow intuitive skills, we have created an intuitive curriculum focused on teaching individuals ways to awaken their gifts. We managed to pass along some of the metaphysical teachings from some of the greatest scientists and spiritual teachers of our times,

The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts is specifically designed for those who want to advance their skills in any of the following areas.

  • Human Energy Assessments
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Energy Healer 
  • Medical Intuitive 
  • Modern Shamanism
  • Personal Spiritual Growth
  • Crystal Bed Therapy 
  • Alternative Therapies 

The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts is taught through home study course, through in-person and webinar workshops, through engaging in an IEL internship that leads to certification, through one-on-one mentorship, or by using a combination of the different types of online intuitive training available. Key features of the intuitive training program include:

  • Case Studies
  • Mentorship
  • Access to the designer and gifted teachers
  • Exercises designed to improve skills
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions
  • Flipped classroom style of teaching
  • Examples that explain applications
  • Teachings not found in any other program
  • Master level teachings
  • Keys to evaluate, assess and target human body energy systems 
  • Course offerings to become a certified spiritual teacher and certified intuitive practitioner and certified crystal bed practitioner

The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts program was originally developed specifically for use of the Forsyth Crystal Light Table©, which is a unique energy device using Vogel crystals, created in 2006. This Atlantean healing tool forms a Reiki energetic grid for the human body that has been tested and used by thousands of people with profound results. The program soon shifted the focus to include a broader audience with a variety of interests.

There are now Forsyth Crystal Light Table© practitioners located around the world offering crystal bed therapy, along with a growing group of healers working with the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts community. We are the only training program offering certification as a Crystal Bed Therapist. To learn more about the incredible offer with the intuitive training resource guide and the Forsyth Crystal Light Table©, simply follow the links. We will build your Custom Crystal Bed unique to you and your intended use.

An institute is defined as a society or organization having a particular objective or common factor, especially a scientific, educational, or social one. We are a group focused on the common goal of creating a community dedicated to the healing arts.



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