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Russell and Beckie Forsyth, the IEL Institute Teachers, and the entire IEL community are excited to bring the most comprehensive intuitive training platform. ‘IEL’ is an acronym for Intuit the Energy of Love. Love is a feeling, which is how we experience it, but love is also an energy source from which we can draw information. Love is the glue that bonds all matter in the Universe, according to the scientific studies of Dr. Marcel Vogel.


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An institute is defined as a society or organization having a particular objective or common factor, especially a scientific, educational, or social one. We are a group focused on the common goal of creating a community dedicated to creating beauty, easing the suffering of others and finding joy with raising spiritual awareness. Developed over a decade of private practice case studies, along with implementing the metaphysical teachings of Dr. Doreen Virtue, Dr William Baldwin, and Dr. Marcel Vogel, we have created a curriculum focused on teaching individuals how improve your intuitive skills in ways that lead to personal spiritual growth. The ability to channel information from the non-physical realms, that is pure and free from ego-based desires, is dependent on a process that provides grounding during an ascension into the higher self. The ability to remain grounded while discovering information from a divine source, is furthered by education, experience, practice, and using a protocol with proven results.

Comprehensive Intuitive Training

The IEL Institute Program is taught through in-person and webinar workshops, through a home study certification course (with a growing library of over 170 tutorial videos), through an internship that leads to certification, through mentorship, or by using a combination of the different types of training available. In addition, there is the IEL Institute workbook, which provides a reference guide for intuitive readers, the medical intuitive, the energy practitioner, and the modern shaman, or those who wish to raise their spiritual awareness for personal growth.

The IEL Institute Program was originally developed for the Forsyth Crystal Light Table©, which is a unique energy device created in 2006. This Atlantean healing tool forms a Reiki energetic grid for the human body that has been tested and used by thousands of people with profound results.

There are now Forsyth Crystal Light Table© practitioners located around the world, along with a growing group of healers working in the IEL Institute community. To learn more about the incredible offer with the training guide and the Forsyth Crystal Light Table©, simply follow the links.

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